Peppermint Ridge | Braidwood

Peppermint Ridge | Braidwood

Bring your students* to Peppermint Ridge to learn about how the Australian environment and agriculture can co-exist in a symbiotic landscape.
*Please note this visit is recommended for Stage 3 students.
Peppermint Ridge is an amazing example of how a landscape can be restored to its natural state and still support agricultural production. Frank and Jenny have restored the environment from an eroding, treeless landscape to a landscape with grassy and casuarina woodlands and native flora and fauna, including the Glossy Black Parrot.

Farm Visit Information

  • Region: Southern Highlands
  • Industry: Regenerative sheep farming
  • Price: $15 per student
  • Group size: Peppermint Ridge can host 1 class (20-30 students)
  • Visiting times: Peppermint Ridge is available to visit all year round, unless there has been significant rainfall.
  • Farm activities: Frank and Jenny offer some pre-excursion material, as well as a Zoom discussion to answer any questions your students might have before they visit Peppermint Ridge. The style of this program will help your students understand the importance of prioritising a healthy natural environment, and the basis of producing “high value animals which fit the landscape, rather than forcing the landscape to fit the animal.”. Frank and Jenny also recommend considering a visit to the historic village of Braidwood before or after your visit.
  • Amenities: Bus access, toilets, pre-visit materials, meets safety requirements

Student Safety

  • Risk assessment is available here

  • Peppermint Ridge has public liability insurance

  • All staff at Peppermint Ridge have Working with Children Checks


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Braidwood, NSW