About Kids to Farms

Kids to Farms is a program aimed at increasing awareness in primary-school students about where our food and fibre comes from. NSW Farmers aims to increase engagement between primary schools and farmers through our Kids to Farms: 2 by 12 program, which aims to have each child in NSW have 2 educational interactions with the agriculture industry by the time they are 12.


Getting primary school kids out to NSW farms

With agriculture being rolled out across the NSW Curriculum, we aim to provide teachers and students with an opportunity to learn about Australia’s food and fibre production in a hands-on, interactive environment with the farmer.

NSW Farmers’ with the support of the Australian Government is very excited to be partnering with farmers from across NSW who will provide a range of enterprises for students to experience. From the far west of the state to the south and north coast, students in all areas will have the opportunity to visit a farm in their local area.