School Funding

Kids to Farms is excited to announce that we are able to provide funding* for primary school excursions to farms or agricultural sites**.

The aim of this school funding grant opportunity is to remove some of the financial barriers that may be preventing primary schools in NSW from taking part in excursion opportunities where students can develop their understanding of food and fibre production systems.

By providing primary school students with the opportunity to undertake interactive, on the ground experiences, NSW Farmers hopes to improve students understanding of our agricultural production systems and the multitude of opportunities available in those industries.

Funding of up to $1500 is available to NSW primary schools and must be applied for using the application form. Applications must be received one month prior to the excursion taking place, and is available until December 2022.

We recommend you read the funding guidelines prior to applying.

For all enquiries please contact the Kids to Farms team here

*Funding only available to successful applicants

**Funding can be applied for to visit farms not listed on the Kids to Farms website.